Test Preparation Plan

I finished my final pretest on my previous material. Now, I just have to work on my testing material for my final test in May 2016. On this blog, I’m going to talk about my training regimen, what I’m working on, and what progress, if any, I’ve made.

For my test in May, I am going to do the following forms:

  • Cao Guo Qiu (Drunken Eight Immortals)
  • Lan Cai He (Drunken Eight Immortals)
  • He Xiang Ge (Drunken Eight Immortals)
  • Li Tie Kuai (Drunken Eight Immortals)
  • Han Xiang Zi (Drunken Eight Immortals)
  • Crazy Mad Drunk
  • Drunken Broadsword
  • Drunken Straight Sword
  • Drunken Spear
  • Mulan Double Fans
  • Dragon Bagua
  • Shaolin Five Animals

To start testing, I am going to pick four forms to work on and do each form three times. Each month, I will add another form. I am also going to do the following conditioning:

  • Yoga/I Chin Ching, focusing on hip openers, back and shoulder flexibility, and splits
  • Kip ups
  • Back-walkover (optional)
  • One-legged squats
  • Mulan Lightness Training (Work up to six reps)